About GuYDanS Consulting & Bookkeeping

We’re good at what we do, so you can be good at what you do.

As a family-owned Edmonton-based business, we at GuYDanS Consulting & Bookkeeping know what it’s like to have a vision to create a revolutionary space in the industry you’re passionate about.

We also know that debits, credits, and dealing with CRA were probably not a central part of your vision for your business.

The good news is that these are just the elements to fuel our passion, which is to bring sanity to our clients’ finance management and to mitigate the headaches that come with running a small business. And since incorporating in 2000, we have continued to integrate cutting-edge accounting software and the latest training and accreditation to ensure that our passion is also our expertise.

So whether you’re thinking of starting a business or have been in business for decades as a solopreneur, a professional corporation, or a limited company, GuYDanS Consulting & Bookkeeping can offer you business guidance and peace of mind.