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GuYDanS Consulting & Bookkeeping helps clients across Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Acheson, Spruce Grove, Nisku, and St. Albert, and many other cities throughout Alberta get their books in order and get reliable advice for their small businesses. 

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  • Bookkeeping Edmonton

    The #1 Ingredient for a healthy business: Cash-Flow Management

    There are several areas of a business that need to be managed—workflow, staffing, sales and marketing, to name a few.

    But what’s arguably the number one area? The key that determines whether your business will survive and thrive, even when sales are down? ... cash-flow management.

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  • Bookkeeping Edmonton

    7 Strategies to Find a Top-Notch Bookkeeper

    We always like to find professionals of any kind that are excellent at what they do, provide us with value, and are a good fit. The search for the right professional is doubly important when it comes to bookkeepers.

    Not only are you trusting bookkeepers with your finances, but you also (unfortunately) can’t know for sure what you’re going to get simply because someone calls themselves a bookkeeper. 

    So how do you begin the search for a bookkeeper who will best support you and your goals?

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Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or have been in business for decades, a professional corporation, or a limited company, GuYDanS Consulting & Bookkeeping can offer you value and peace of mind.

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  • Very professional and trustworthy business. Family owned and operated! Only problem I can think of is why the heck I didn't start using them to do my personal and business taxes sooner!! I strongly would recommend them to anyone.

    David Rickey

    David Rickey
  • I have been using the Guydans team for over a year now, I have been in business for seven years and I see no reason ever go elsewhere. You wont regret using their services.

    Daniel Goyan

    Bookkeeping Edmonton
  • Our organization has been using the services of GuyDanS Consulting and Bookkeeping for several years, and couldn't be happier with their accuracy, promptness, and congeniality. They answer my emails within a reasonable amount of time, and provide the requested information.

    Stephen Pike

    Stephen Pike
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